Duncan Kitchen and Bath

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin my kitchen project?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment so that we may provide you with individualized attention. At your initial appointment, we will discuss how you cook and live in the kitchen space and your priorities for your new kitchen. This is the time to share all your ideas, wish lists and pictures. With the continual improvement in materials, appliances and design options, the kitchen planning process would be overwhelming without the help of a professional.

What does a kitchen designer do?

A kitchen designer will recommend general ideas for use of space, location of appliances and storage priorities. We will introduce you to a variety of kitchen products and materials available for cabinetry, countertops, lighting and appliances. We will let you know what can be achieved – in the way of material selections, appliances, etc. for what you want to spend.

Why is a Duncan Kitchen & Bath Designer important to me?

The kitchen is the most technically complex room in your home. It also is the most expensive room investment that you will make in your home. Designing a kitchen, making it work as well as it looks, requires specialized skills. A Duncan Kitchen & Bath Designer is trained to assure that your kitchen will function well with the proper clearances, and that all aspects of your kitchen are safely designed and technically correct. Working with a Kitchen Designer assures that your kitchen is well planned and that there are no unhappy surprises!

Is there a charge for the design service?

We will gladly provide cost estimates and general design ideas at no charge! Following that step, the designer will create a preliminary layout based on the cabinet line and countertops you select. Duncan Kitchen & Bath does assess a very reasonable fee for layouts & other detailed drawings. This fee is then applied towards your final order for this project. Layouts, floorplans, and other detailed documents remain the property of Duncan Kitchen & Bath until the design fee is paid. This design fee is otherwise non-refundable.

Why do I need a kitchen designer if I have a builder or an architect?

An architect’s job is to provide a general conceptual idea of living spaces in your home. A kitchen designer will plan the space, including exact cabinet sizes, cooking and seating clearances, and cabinet storage, providing a detailed plan for the builder to follow.

What kinds of cabinets are available at Duncan Kitchen & Bath showroom?

A kitchen and bath showroom is different from your visit to other retail stores. A kitchen showroom shows you examples of design ideas and storage solutions. At Duncan Kitchen & Bath’s showroom, the cabinetry you see is only a sample of kitchen and bath cabinet possibilities! Cabinetry is available in dozens of different doorstyles, wood species, and stain or paint finishes.

Duncan Kitchen & Bath’s showroom includes examples of cabinet quality and construction at a range of price points. We listen to your needs, show you the cabinet and work surface possibilities, and translate your needs to the kind of cabinetry that meets your quality, style and budget.

The choices seem overwhelming! How do I make good product selections?

At Duncan Kitchen & Bath, our staff is continually trained on the features and benefits of kitchen materials and products available on the market. We know from field experience with more than 5,000 kitchen and bath installations what works! Our experience assures that the material choices made for your new kitchen offer the best function and value for your kitchen investment.

How is price determined?

Your kitchen project is the most significant investment you will make in your home. There are many factors that determine the price of a kitchen. The cost of your new kitchen will be determined by the quality of cabinetry selected, wood species or paint finish, doorstyle, drawer construction, cabinet height, molding details and selections of storage accessories. All of these decisions will be discussed with your Duncan Kitchen & Bath Designer to determine which options best meet your quality, style and budget.

Why not simply buy cabinets at the lowest price?

All you may receive for your investment is cheap cabinets.
If making the most of your investment is important, then a design professional is your best choice. A Duncan Kitchen & Bath Designer designs living spaces for the way you live and will meet your space and storage needs in ways that may not occur to a cabinet designer who knows only cabinets!

Who will install my cabinets and countertops?

At Duncan Kitchen & Bath, full remodeling services are available. We can coordinate every aspect of your new kitchen. Our years of experience working with contractors, electricians, plumbers and related trades assures you a professionally installed kitchen.

How long will my kitchen or bath project take?

The design process can take from 2-4 weeks. Our manufacturer’s lead times vary, averaging 4-10 weeks from the order date. If you’ve selected Duncan Kitchen & Bath to handle the installation, we will take into consideration other scheduled work, and then give you an approximate start date. The duration of each project varies according to the amount of work involved. But the time frame for most kitchens or baths is between 2-4 weeks.